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Originally Posted by blumpy View Post
The upcoming Mac Pro will be different but right from the start, it's outdated hardware. Vega is dead. Their trash can Mac Pro had the same issues. A 2013 computer had a 2011 processor and 2011 processor socket.
This part of the argument has never made sense to me. Why should it matter if hardware is "outdated?" If it does the job and does it efficiently enough for your purposes, that's what matters, and it's hard to imagine you'd lose work to the competition if your files take 10 seconds longer to render. What you're buying with the Mac Pro is the operating system and the integrated package, the so-called "walled garden" that ensures everything works together and you don't spend hours of your time troubleshooting incompatibilities.

There are plenty of valid reasons to go with Windows instead of Mac, but I don't think this is one of them. I totally agree about Catalina, though (speaking of incompatibilities)...I'm using it on my test machine but for my production computer I'll wait a few years to upgrade, if ever. Ultimately I'm moving to Linux (which I've used for years), but for now the Mac platform still works well for me.

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