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I bought one of the last REAL Mac MINI servers a while back & in terms of Mac perfornace & spec it STILL kicks the ass of the current bunch of household appliances they are selling. IF you want to try a Mac, I would recommend something from the upper end 2011 - 2012 stuff. Mine is a solid aluminium bodied jobber with 2 drive slots, memory upgradable to 16gb & an i7 quad core cpu, even if it is "only" a 2.0, plus a thunderbolt interface & HDMI but there are versions out there that go up to a 2.6 afaik.

FWIW it does run smoothly and that`s on OSX Mavericks. I could update it to the latest OS version but then Logic Pr0 9 and my Focusrite Liquidmix 32 would not want to work any more.

And NO I dont use Reaper on it, even though it worked fine once installed when I first bought the Mac. To me, they are all just computers. Some run better than others.

Years ago I used OS9/OSK which was a Microware OS, running on 6800 series cpus, so it all got a bit confusing when Apple decided to cal their OS OS9 as well.
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