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Originally Posted by fundorin View Post
That's already 2400 strings.
I suppose it's not handy (and of course not possible) to store all theses strings in string slots.

I think you should construct the string to be sent on the fly whenever it is to be sent from just some simple (partial) strings, some mall arrays of strings, and numbers by using sprintf().

OTOH, it even should be possible to on the fly read a string from line number n in a file, after calculating n in the program from the multiple "dimensions" of the task definition.

Obviously mode switching of such a console is a very sensible application for the new OSCIIbot. Unfortunately the Controller I use (XTouch compact) does not feature any text display BTW.: does anybody know a Midi "controller board" that provides nothing but a text display ? Id like to add such to my setup.

Any single manual action (like pressing the FX button) should be "slow" enough to allow for doing file operations on the fly.

(I understand the basic language constructs - like the handling of strings - is identical with ReaScript(ELL), JSFX, and OSCIIbot.)


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