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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
Try midisend_str(midi_out, "\xF0\x00\x20...
Nope. No changes on the LCD. At least, random LEDs stopped to light up.
Sending the same sysex via midi-ox still working.
1. Put a printf statement in (that shows the code block with midisend_str() is reached)
I moved the string to the variable for now, to be able to print it. This symbol is printed when pressing the button:

2. Put in midisend() in addition (that shows the code, midi channel and Midi-OX working together as expected for 3 byte midi output)
Regular midi is working fine at it's shown in midi-ox:

Puzzle at the new midisend_str(). But at least the OSCII-bot process hasn't crashed like Celphor
That was a tough moment for me. I've written the big part of the script just to realize that it was useless, after all. I was so angry, so I've deleted it all. 🤡

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