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Default Soundcards and Latency

Since this comes up so much I thought I'd make a sticky and hopefully that will help for buying cards and such

If you want to help, download the Latency Test Utility from CEntrance

Remember to turn off any monitoring so as not to skew the results. Please also check to see if the value changes every time you hit test. State Stable/Unstable according to whether it changes or not

Here's the list, Ill add to it as it grows:

LTU results(in msec) @44.1khz
32/64/128/256 sample buffer size

**NA/12.56/15.46/25.54 - Stable Echo Audiofire 12

**NA/ 7.35/13.15/24.76 - Stable Egosys Wami Rack PCI

**NA/***NA/18.44/27.14 - Unstable Line6 KB37 *

**NA/ 3.06/***NA/***NA - Stable Maudio Delta 44 PCI

**NA/ 3.20/ 6.10/11.88 - Stable Maudio Delta TDIF PCI

**NA/ 5.06/ 7.91/13.72 - stable within .05 msec M-Audio Fast Track Ultra USB

2.04/ 3.85/ 6.76/12.54 - Stable MOTU 896 (measuring digital I/O)
3.79/ 5.24/ 8.14/13.95 - Stable MOTU 896 (measuring analog I/O)

2.49ms/ 3.95ms/ 8.46ms/ 14.26 ms - Stable MOTU traveler driver rev (measuring analog I/O)

3.61/ 5.06/ 7.96/13.76 - Stable RME Multiface

N/A / 6.10/ 9.00/14.81 - Stable RME FF800

* The line6 drivers are acting very screwy and reporting thruput without anything plugged in. In 16 bit mode the measurment appears accurate. In 24 bit mode, there is some internal passthru fudging the numbers
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