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Focusrite Saffire ASIO Control Panel Says:
ASIO Buffer Size: 2.0ms
Firewire Buffer Size: 1.0ms
Input Latency: 3.6ms
Output Latency: 5.5ms (this is what is reported by the soundcard)

Centrance says:
88 samples @ 44.1k
Measurement results: 475 samples / 10.77 ms
192 samples @96k:
Measurement results: 924 samples / 9.63 ms

All values are stable.

I realize that this isn't done in 32/64/128/254 samples, but I don't see an option to change the buffer based on size, only on time... (and I tried to make that work to no avail.)

Hardware: Dell 630 laptop w/4G RAM, SIIG Firewire card w/TI Chipset running winxpsp3

Like Syd says below, I also run at 2.0ms/1.0ms settings for very responsive recording. I've never noticed latency recording to it, nor has anyone I've recorded with. It's not as fancy as my old motu 24IO, but since I don't do this for a living anymore, this is completely acceptable.

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