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Originally Posted by Sound asleep View Post
What I don't like is the way they do libraries, and organize sort of defaults, and how they hierarchy they build is.
Those are sort of meant for user configuration so you can just add a bunch if disparate folders to a library. I like it OK but don't use it much because I never got in the habit. I wanted to like them but I'm too ingrained to just click on the actual folder.

Also how they set it up so that new computers automatically install with all the "user" folders on the same partition as windows. It's just all a mess.
It could potentially ask you during setup but that adds a potentially mysterious question to the other 80% of users who have no idea and would not know what to do - that really is a big deal. Otherwise, best practice in general is "I (the os installer) knows where the system drive is and that it is healthy because we are installing here" which believe or not reduces complexity and potential setup issues by a large margin, allowing you to easily move them later.

The way that if you do a search in explorer, it brings you to "search world" which is cut off from everything else, and you can't just navigate from wherever the found files are,
Right-click and choose open file location - actually always test that in various places, even browse dialogs etc., very handy aka the bomb. That's all I have to answer right now but thanks for the chat.

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