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Unhappy Midi volume CC#7 pins to 12db when clicking in Editor (SOLVED)


HELP? I have just installed the Chris Hein Viola Library. When I access Kontakt through Reaper the volume in the top right of Kontakt is initially at 0 immediately after loading a clean version of the library. In the wrench/Instrument options the "Midi Controller #7 (Volume) range is set at 0 db as well. If I bring up the Reaper midi editor and click anywhere in the viola midi channel that accesses this library the volume immediately pins at 12 db and stays there. I've tried setting volume at 80 in CC#7 (which is notably unreliable) and that works if I just play through...but anytime I click to edit its back at 12 db. I've tried checking and unchecking the "Accept standard controllers for Volume & Pan in wrench/Instrument options and that does not help. Anytime I access the Kontakt via Reaper after the initial loading of the library the volume in the top right of Kontakt is always pegged at 12 db. Support for the library says: "If the volume fader jumps to its maximum, this must be a CC7 sending from Reaper" I've cleaned the volume CC#7 channel to know affect. Any suggestions? All my other libraries work great (and I have many). Any thoughts are appreciated?
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