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Originally Posted by jpanderson80 View Post
Dave, your PM box is full. Do you have any links for someone like me who is interested in hearing or exploring this Ambisonic idea further? I'm all for better sound.
Originally Posted by doppelganger View Post
Can you tell more about how it works in few words, please? I'm not familiar with it at all.
Do you record with some specific equipment, mics or else?
Or you record with usual eqipment into WAV, then encode it somehow into that format?
Or you just process usual WAV recording with Blue Ripple Sound plugins or what?
I have a website I have recently set up dedicated to Ambisonics and the music I've recorded with it. It is very early days so far and I plan to do a lot more with this site. It's a little disorganized at present but I have a few links to more info about Ambisonics and how to use it.
I have one song uploaded that I've mixed in third order Ambisonics and am working on my biggest album project to date. This is also being mixed in third order and will be uploaded once complete.

I currently have all the Ambisonic stuff on my synth website and am contemplating setting up either a dedicated site for it or just tidying up what is there already. Not sure which way I'll go with it yet.

Anyway, the direct url to the Ambisonic section is via
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