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Originally Posted by mpl View Post
All you say looks possible to me but it seems complex to build. Here is some example I built today (see ReaPack for 'Send tracks'):

Is this what you suggested? It can goes hard to guess what user need if you whant for example build routing by sendind channels relative to send index.
Wow! This is really cool! Great work. Not exactly the UI I was imagining (I was thinking of something with a window similar to the one that pops up when you create a send natively with drag n drop, that would just apply it's settings to all the sends made by the script), but in some ways this is probably more powerful than what I had in mind and still does the job.

The only problem I'm having with it is that it seems that it can only create mono and stereo sends. When I create a multi-channel send with 8 channels for instance, I don't want four separate stereo sends, I just want a single 8-channel send.


Instead of this:

Does that make sense?
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