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Hello, I wrote that walter, and let me start by saying this : editing the Default5 theme is just about the worst introduction to walter that I could imagine. You're going to have a horrible, horrible time.

Still here?

Okay, this is still a terrible idea, but of all the things you might try to do with the Def5 theme, this is would be on the 'not the most terrible' end, because the things you want to mess with are defined as their own section. Your steps would broadly be as follows:
  1. Repeat to yourself 10 times that this is not a good idea.
  2. Back up the theme
  3. ...take a deep breath...
  4. the pan/width and record input section are defined by an invisible section I invented called '1_sec', so you could try copying that bit from the small layout walter into the main layout walter.
  5. also copy the individual walter for each element, that sets how they position themselves inside 1_sec, line by line from the small layout walter into the main layout walter.
  6. copy the related graphics from the small layout folder into the main layout folder.

There is a not-quite-zero chance that all might just work, but there will probably need to be some debugging. I'm afraid I don't have time to do this for you, but there are about a gazillion mods of this theme out there, perhaps you could interest one of those fine people in doing it?
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