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Hi Simon
wow, what a project you did.
And thanks for your advise.
Itīs scary to hear about their customer service, but then they just makes everybody feeling F..ked up, not just me..

I havenīt been rude, but sometimes it gets a bit emotional - you have an exhibition opening - this program can do everything you need - and all the simple things just donīt work.
If it GUI related it even more crazy.

What DAW did you use? - Reaper I guess..
I have several other FLux plug ins like, Syrah, Pure Limiter etc and its fine working.

Iīll keep contacting them (I donīt have time for this game)
but if you are into "live" immersive sound you might know of any other stuff that can do immersive work - not (just) headphones but in real spaces.
Iīve been checking out The sound of the Mountation (
and Sound Trajectory, Nuendo, and are now looking into Pro Tools Ultimate.
None of these programs seems to be able to do what SPAT R. Can do, if just...

A bit of insight in my issues,

Problems arise out of the blue air.
For example: After two weeks of unproblematic work, SPAT R.udden suddenly begins to open sessions where all inputs / sends are disabled. At the same time, it has made a new version of all inputs / sends and outputs - active - that means all routed inputs are dead, I can't do anything but delete them (they can't be reactivated - that feature doesn't exist) and I must re-route all inputs by using the new active inputs / outputs that SPAT R has made. Some times it makes THREE versions of the same.
It is simply the pure madness.

When I reroute, all information goes back to default except those I have programmed / automated in Reaper. Ie my workaround is to automate everything in Reaper. Then maybe it takes only an hour to one and a half to re-establish my session ...

Sync is another problem. The program loses very easy sync. In some cases it is not a problem, in others it is.
You can run a room (ie the area where you make your speaker arrangement) but I need three and then it goes out of sync. and becomes very heavy - which is the third problem that I have to run with crazy high buffersizes for it not to stall.

In addition, there are a lot of minor issues that, have taken a long time to spot, to get done, if possible, workarounds on - document to Flux and then wait for an answer. They have made one update that has helped a little. But for example, they made a "clear shared memory" that had to clear up the problem of double up of inputs (sends / Outputs - does not work.

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