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Hey Søren

That's great you got a reply. You just gotta persist in these circumstances, and stay as zen if possible, you know what I mean... I understand the stress of needing something to work day in & out and being derailed by bugs late in the piece. I find most product suitability issues reveal themselves in the first serious experiments. It's the ones that pop up later (like disabled inputs and sync issues you mentioned) that *bone* you!

Thanks for the headsup on Sound Trajectory & Mountation - I will have a serious study of them. Developments in this field grow like bacteria the last few years, it's hard to keep up. Also most high end PA manufacuters are producing their own hardware/software systems which tells you something (major future growth if civilisation holds). The only other system we looked at using was Iosono, but we just didn't have the budget for it. I think Spat (if it works reliably) is a good product (both v1 & R), and it has a certain musical sensability that some others don't.

For our project I had a look at Reaper but ultimately it didn't have enough of everything (these were Python only days on Reaper I think) and to be fair it's not the type of thing it was built for, we used Plogue Bidule which was great in the flexibility, interactivity and OSC departments. It was very good for some pretty deep but high level visual programming.

Post a link to the installation/work so we can have a sticky-beak at it.

all the best!

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