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yeah - and they are taking me serious. I try to stay Zen. I´ve been meditation for 20 years, but this..
But then again - when working side by side with hardcore programmers of video software they are on the same path..
I checked Iosono, and a few others (will get back when I remember names) - all very very expensive.
I and yes: SPAT R can do what I need, if just..

Interesting with Plogue Bidule.
Must check. is it stable...?

A lot seems to work in Ableton - or it is mentioned a lot. I have the lasted suite version, but you just don´t change in the middle of a major project. (been there..)

Some mention Engine, but I haven´t been able to figure out how it handles audio.

I only have links to museum site
no info about sound...
But you can find a digital release of some of my previous work, released in stereo versions. "Music for exhibition" (Søren Bendixen)
(and other stuff too)
on Spotify, iTunes, Bandchamp etc.

I would like to make a blog about the more technical part of my work. Just to let people like you see what others do, and get ideas etc. Need more time..
Stay immersive :-)

Anc thank you for this conversation. Keep in touch

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