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I have the previous version of Flux Spat, and the experience was dissatisfying enough that I never considered upgrading. When it works it does wonders, but I ran into the most basic kind of problems. E.g., states/configuration would always be lost the next time I opened the project, and automation had major issues. These are so fundamental features that it left me wondering if anyone had tested the software at all.

I know the main developer of Spat at Ircam personally, and his work is always stellar, so I am fairly confident that the problem here is with the Flux wrapping of the Spat C++ library.

As far as I can see Flux Spat Revolution is nothing but a nice GUI/app wrapping of what can also be done using Spat with Cycling’74 Max. So personally I will rather develop my own patchers in Max, using Loopback (on macOS) and the ToscA plug-in to pass audio and OSC messages from Reaper to Max. Might take a bit of time to set up, but leaves me with more control and confidence in the system, and saves quite a bit of money as well.
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