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Hi lossius
Thanks for reply and insight.
(Iīm well aware of your work - hope to hear/see it in action some day)

I have Max, Loopback, ToscA - Everything but the original SPAT plug in (testet it way back)
Iīm just not a builder/programmer in the MAX sense, But i might be the time to step up.
This because every project is very specific, and i cannot just throw in a couple of "standard" set ups.

Now Iīm in between works, starting on a new project next week (slow start) and i simply donīt want to spend my time on solving "technical" problems or doing another research going through all kinds of software, that canīt do exactly what I need.

If you have any links, good ideas, places to find templates, knowledge about what plug ins to use etc. please tell me.

If I tell you what I need to do, with your knowledge you could you just point me in the right direction...donīt spend time on it, but just a "go with this - it works, itīs stable, here is the template (I work in Reaper or Ableton suite or Logic pro X) and read this manual how to build stuff and youīre good to go!

I have Spat R, and it should just work, right..? I bought a new car af few years back, and it could actually drive...
But that said, I thing Flux is aware, that they have a software with issues. And they are working on it. And they seems to be nice people :-)

But if Spat R keeps messing up, i need another stable solution.

Information about The next project (still thinking though)
A set up with around 24 speakers, everything composed as a complete design, but divided into around 4 design (in different areas, both in real space and headphones (with at least binaural design)) running in sync

So I need a set up that can deal with around 24 speakers, moving sources seemlessly between all of these channels (say: I want a bird to fly from one part of the exhibition to another, or I need 24 channels of wind, moving around in (sort of) the same space), or a small band of musicans to "walk around" in the exhibition - moving the band around i my soundspace..)
I need "odd" speaker configurations, I need to have some ( i guess) ambisonic designs, some 3D immersive, some 2D, some stereo, some like 10 channels in a row on the right side, with two on the left, some running in sync with film (incl foley stuff etc).

I need to be able to work on all 24 sepakers aka all design at once/the same time, switching between the different design (that is what SPAT R, with the Rooms can do..but with issues).

I need to have a very visual side of my spaces, It is important for that when I build an "odd" speaker config, I can actually see it and see how the sources moves around in this space (In Mntn itīs just a circle)
And I need it to be fairly easy to reconfigure - (also) museumspeople tend to make changes and/or not always soundwise decisions, suddenly! Itīs okay but I need flexibility then.

Not that crazy in your business, right?
And actually Spat should be able to do all this..

Best regards

Ps. If youīre in Copenhagen between 7 june (today!) and 8 sept 2019 - go to the National Museum - and see (and listen to) the exhibition "on the steppes of Djengis Khan" - 12 design (incl. music) in the same room...
from stereo to 10 ch odd configs..and more..
all my yours truly

Best Regards
Søren Bendixen
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