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Originally Posted by ReaDave View Post
Very interesting conversation guys.

Søren, have you looked into the IEM decoders? There's one that allows you to create custom speaker arrays with many speakers. It also works up to seventh order Ambisonics. Daniel from IEM is a contributing member here on the REAPER forum. Here's the plugins...

There's also the Blue Ripple Rapture 3D Advanced which allows custom speaker arrays in any configuration. I haven't used Rapture myself (yet) but I do use their upmixers and decoders which are excellent.
Here's a link to the Rapture software....
Both of these are absolutely fab, but they are also ambisonics. They are more flexible than many other decoders when it comes to having speakers irregularly distributed on the sphere surrounding the sweet spot, but they still depends on a sweet spot thinking. To me it sounds like Søren needs to cover a larger exhibition area where audiences are free to move around.
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