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By the way, are you up for some FR ?
I haven't tried it yet, but a couple of things come to mind :
- please consider adding "3" as octave ;
- Is it possible to change all the gate values at once, or do we need to edit them all individually ?

This thinkg looks very promising

Ah, i don't know if you plan to make some more Midi JS Plugins, but i am after a simple (but a bit advanced) step seq to play quickly with "hardware stepseq alike" sequences (think Korg SQ-10 & alikes).
I am enjoying the free Rozzer StepMachine plugin, but it is a bit buggy and crashes quite often. Sadly, it is not supported anymore, so i'm stuck with it, and still use it at the price of unstability...
So, would you have any plan to program a similar JS plugin ?
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