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Default update: 0.20beta

i'm back with an update that fixes some bugs and adds most of the features folks had requested. most important note is that adding automation support broke presets. i've tried to arrange things so i can avoid that in the future. do let me know if you turn up any problems. and...

enjoy! /dan

release notes:
0.2beta - 30 jan 2012:
  fix length seq active step hilighting
  improve easter egg
  debug evmsgs view for rt click notes
  bumped max octaves to 3
  tweak dropdown rightmost pos logic
  bumped len range to 8
  add automation logic using invis js sliders. NOTE: this breaks presets
  add note hold logic/ui
  rework timing/offset logic so ui is more responsive (& timing better?)
  stress testing fixes: note send ordering, swing calcs, hanging notes
    after pause, ...
  tweak swing slider behavior
new stash download page here.

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