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Ambisonic panning outside the box using non DSP techniques sounds like a lot of work and I'm not sure how you'd go encoding the Ambisonic information using that technique.
What if you did the panning inside REAPER, post encoding and used MIDI controllers to control the Ambisonic panning plugins?

I'm currently rearranging my speakers into a 3D cube which is a lot easier said than done!! I have seven Auratone 5C cubes and four other small two way speakers at present. Ideally, I'd like another 5C but for the initial experiments, I'm going to see if it is adequate enough to try to EQ two of the other speakers to match the 5Cs as far as possible. I could see phase issues being a potential problem though.

I did some initial testing with the cube arrangement VERY loosely arranged with four of the speakers on the floor and the other four at head height and none aligned very well symmetrically. Probably needless to say but the initial listening tests, while interesting, were far from convincing as far as spacial cues go.

This next test will be with all speakers equidistant from the listening position and with the two unmatched ones EQd as closely as possible. Hopefully that will yield substantially more convincing results.

More to come.....
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