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EDIT: The channel bug has been fixed in REAPER v5.24.

v0.92 is online! (Bug fix: GUI gets updated as soon as a new default channel is selected.)

WARNING: Please note that there is a bug in REAPER's actions for changing the default channel for new events ("Set channel for new events to 1 [...16]"): These actions may inappropriately activate the MIDI editor's event filter (as set in the Filter window). Changing the default channel via a script (or by running the actions directly) may therefore render some notes or CCs invisible until the filter is deactivated.

This bug affects the MIDI Inspector script, as well as these two scripts:
* js_Option - Switching active take sets channel for new events to channel of existing events
* js_Option - Selecting single note or CC in active take sets channel for new events

To everyone who is concerned about the reliability of user scripts: Please support the aforementioned bug report, as well as these:
* Using MIDI_SetNote with noSort=true to move notes onto same pitch causes extended notes
* MIDI_GetNote returns endppqpos different from visual appearance in editor
* MIDI_DeleteNote ADDS note to another pitch

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