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Cool, Christian. Thanks for update!
Here is sorted changelog from 1.0:

add support for REAPER v5.30 custom Web Interfaces
add support for Language Pack packages [p=1753437]
add support for theme packages
implement per-repository override for the "Install new packages" setting
support multiple action list sections for scripts [p=1732794]
about: save window position and size [p=1779566]
about: make Ctrl+C copy pkg name or source url
about: add "about {repository}" button in the package's about dialog
about: ask whether to install all packages or update installed packages
about: merge the about dialogs and make it modeless [p=1716746]
about: add "Copy source URL" menu item in package contents tab
about: implement per-package documentation
about: support screenshot links
about repo: prompt to enable local "Install new packages when sychronizing" override when installing everything
about repo: add "find in browser" action in the package context menu
about pkg: double clicking on a file opens it in file explorer
about pkg: contents: add "Locate in explorer/finder" context menu action
browser: prompt to enable "Install new packages when sychronizing" when installing everything
browser: add Language Packs filtering option
browser: add Last Update column (collapsed by default)
browser: add Repository column (collapsed by default)
browser: add shortcut F5 to refresh the package list
browser: make the window user-resizable
browser: save and restore window size and position
config: add ReaTeam/LangPacks to the default repositories
config: add ReaTeam/Themes to the default repositories
config: enable all default repos on upgrade from previous version
download: add option to toggle SSL certificate verification
download: add support for proxy servers
filter: implement exact word matching [t=185894]
filter: implement ^ and $ anchors to match start and end of string
filter: implement NOT, OR and ( ) grouping operators la REAPER
listview: add feature to restore the columns to their default state
listview: allow user to collapse columns
listview: save and restore sort and column order
manager: save window position, size and list state
manager: synchronize after enabling a repo or the auto install mode [p=1726030]
osx: add support for old OS X versions up to 10.7
synchronize: prompt to uninstall obsolete packages [#8]

move the repo index cache to /ReaPack/cache/ subfolder
allow a conflicting pkg to be installed if the other is getting uninstalled
show package descriptions in progress and report dialogs
write data files directly into the Data directory (for toolbar icons)
dialog: enhance centering bias logic
merge Package Contents and Package History in a single dialog
show package descriptions by default instead of filenames
about pkg: auto-select the current version
about pkg: display in which Action List section the files are registered
about repo: add ^anchors$ when setting the browser's filter
about: make the window user-resizable [#10]
about: show package descriptions in Contents tab
about: use package description in dialog title
browser: make the about window follow browser selection [p=1730194]
browser: clarify package registry read failure error message
browser: preserve insertion order of actions
browser: show stored description of obsolete packages
browser: show the newest available version even if it's older than the one currently installed
browser: change the type filter toggles to be exclusive
browser: rename Package Name column to just Package
config: enable all repositories by default [p=1726030]
dialog: limit window centering to the nearest monitor [p=1779566]
dialog: allow about and browser windows to be resized smaller than the default size
download: share dns cache and ssl sessions between connections
index: remove ".xml" suffix from the download display name
manager: make the window user-resizable [#10]
manager: make the window bigger [#10]
manager: rename option "Install new packages automatically" to "Install new packages when synchronizing"
package: ensure package names do not contain slashes
remote: improve name validation (now limited to 4..24 chars)
registry: store package descriptions offline
richedit: stop moving the caret to the end of the document on windows
source: ignore AL registration information of non-script files
synchronize: remove "nothing to do" popup when no updates are available
transaction: process uninstallation tasks before any other task
transaction: wait for current tasks to be finished before processing new ones

don't crash when encountering empty lines in changelogs
fix a few possible memory leaks when loading repository indexes
fix a memory leak occuring when loading equivalent versions
about: fix for the Escape key not closing the window in some cases on macOS
about: fix link button positioning when the window is resized
about: don't reset the dialog when the content remains the same
about: adjust position of link button depending on which buttons are visible
about repository: don't sort the version column lexicographically
browser: fix crash if saved state is bigger than expected
browser: always reset pin when clearing actions
browser: don't sort the version column lexicographically
browser: fix crash when double-clicking on an obsolete package [p=1713186]
browser: fix display of pinned state for obsolete packages
browser: remember scroll position when reloading the list on windows
browser: fix sorting by last update column when a type filter is enabled
dialog: fix window positionning with some multi-monitor setups on macOS
dialog: fix wrong amount of memory allocated for clipboard copy
dialog: fix context menus being shown on the wrong monitor in some setups
dialog: improve window placement in multi-monitor setups
download: bypass cache when fetching index files
download: enable all content encodings known by curl
download: enhance reporting of download errors
download: fix http error reporting when connecting through a proxy
index: always re-download indexes when requested
listview: fix crash if sort is disabled in saved state
listview: fix Shift+F10 on Windows (bis)
listview: fix context menu position when using Shift+F10 on Windows
progress: prevent briefly going over 100% before closing the dialog
report: only display changes up to the newly installed version
report: make Return key always close the dialog on windows
report: don't always use plural in the overview line
registry: don't downgrade the db version when higher than current
registry: accept databases written by compatible newer versions of ReaPack
tabbar: avoid flickering on wine when switching tab
win32: fix temporary file removal (was broken since v1.1rc2) [p=1755742]
win32: update curl to v7.50.2 (bugfix for wine) [p=1717444]
win32: fix resource path encoding issue in some setups [p=1718542]
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