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You can try FREE , can decode up to 7.1, and for thr top layer, put in a 2nd copy & point it upwards.

In terms of speaker arrangements, I suggest at least 6 in a hexagon for the ELL. Most importantly, You want a very solid ELL before you expand upwards, for music mixing. You can do less for the top layer. 6hex also covers ITU 5.1/7.1 better than 4.0 square.

Waves UM225/226 is one of the worst upmixers and I would only use it (if you had nothing else) on pads, strings, ambiences (things with long notes, and not complete mixes.)

I'm more of a surround dude, and I mix in 5.1/7.1 mainly, although I have gone higher & am using a bit of 1oA in my mixes.

My highest format was 15.1 which I made myself (2hex + clfe + 2bottom) which is more of an intermediatary, and I might work in 9.1 soon (5.1+4h) (which is actually sort of a thing)

There are lots of oA things for R, you have
O3A core

all free.

NB: I have 4 speakers in a rectangle, but a lot of meters.

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