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Originally Posted by junh1024 View Post
You can try FREE , can decode up to 7.1, and for thr top layer, put in a 2nd copy & point it upwards.
I'm a big fan of SoundField. I'd really love to have the budget for a SoundField ST450 II Mic but that amounts to almost $10K in Australian dollars. The good news though is that Rode Microphones recently purchased SoundField and they are working on a SoundField VideoMic which should be much more within my budget when they release it.
I'm a big fan of Rode mics. I have two NT2a LDCs and they are real workhorses with VERY low self noise and great sound. Rode are an Australian company too.
Originally Posted by junh1024 View Post
Waves UM225/226 is one of the worst upmixers and I would only use it (if you had nothing else) on pads, strings, ambiences (things with long notes, and not complete mixes.)
Funny you mention that. I've been happy with these upmixers for general purpose work in the past but I'm becoming more critical of the front image lately. I made a REAPER track template that uses a couple of instances of 226 for the rear channels and Blue Ripple Upmixers for the front image and it is much nicer.

Do you have any recommendations for other 5.1/7.1 upmixers?
Originally Posted by junh1024 View Post
I'm more of a surround dude, and I mix in 5.1/7.1 mainly, although I have gone higher & am using a bit of 1oA in my mixes.

My highest format was 15.1 which I made myself (2hex + clfe + 2bottom) which is more of an intermediatary, and I might work in 9.1 soon (5.1+4h) (which is actually sort of a thing)

There are lots of oA things for R, you have
O3A core

all free.

NB: I have 4 speakers in a rectangle, but a lot of meters.
Since first creating this thread, I've actually invested a fair amount in Blue Ripple products and have been doing all my work in third order Ambisonics. I have their Upmixers and Decoders as well as the Core package and am pretty happy with how the Auratone 5C cube array works with it all.
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