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Originally Posted by junh1024 View Post

For upmixing 2>5.1, I would reccomend DTS Neural upmix (ORIGINAL edition, NOT the waves edition, waves has a bug with LFE). DTS Neural upmix (ORIGINAL edition) gives the most discrete channel content (if you're not upscaling dialogue, set width 100% to get 4ch out).

NOTHING ELSE. Everything else VST ive tried nugen , soundfield , Surcode, SRS, waves um, arctan, spat, everything passive all falls short in one way or another.

I havce not tried iosono, blueripple/harpex, or penteo.
Thanks heaps for the recommendation. I did a search for the original DTS edition but it appears they are working exclusively through Waves these days. What is the LFE bug with the Waves version?

Blue Ripple don't do a stereo to 5.1 upmixer. Their upmixers are to upmix a given format to third order Ambisonics and place it in the Ambisonic space.
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