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Originally Posted by junh1024 View Post
-Waves edition MOVES the bass into LFE which is INCORRECT. so if you don't have a sub, you'l lose bass

Workaround: downmix LFE into L R @ -3dB.

-Waves has LFE at incorrect level.

Workaround: gain LFE by -10dB.

- Waves has less discreteness than original edition due to FFT averaging.

Workaround: none.


For a cheap upmix, try my

2.0 to 5.0 Upmix (M).txt or 2.0 to 4.0 Upmix (M).txt in .

Then use 5.1 Mix Control (M).txt to get DTS controls.


Use 2>5 on vocals ONLY.
2>4 on ambiences etc. Maaaaaaaaaaaybe on full mixes if you're desparate.

Then use pseudostereo on the rears to get some width, and maybe add some delay&/reverb on the rears. I will send you a PM shortly.
Got your PM. Haven't had a chance to try your JSFX yet but I will do. The next three days are going to be pretty hectic here so I might not get time to dig in until the weekend.

Do you know if it is still possible to purchase the original edition of the DTS upmixer anywhere? Perhaps even from someone who doesn't use it any longer and wants to sell their license?
The discreetness (especially genuine discreet info in the rears) is what I am after most.
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