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Originally Posted by junh1024 View Post
See if my cheap JSFX is enough.

waves only loses 1~ db of discreteness so you prolly can't tell unless you listen closely. But thenagain, ceveats above.

BTW what kinda materials are you upscaling?, and for what purpose?

Do you have any other upscalers apart from waves? I'll see if I can discuss some alternative solutions perhaps via PM.
I've tried a few different ones over the years including the Nugen one you mentioned (I wasn't impressed with it either). I've also created a few matrix decode templates in REAPER which work for ambient stuff but aren't very good for discreet requirements.

I use upscaling for many things. Some of the main uses include:

* Stereo to surround to Ambisonic cube array for watching movies and music videos,
* Upmixing stereo sources to insert into Ambisonic third order mixes,
* Adding surround atmos from stereo sources to video and film productions,
* Listening to stereo music in surround via Ambisonic cube array.

My typical approach to upmixing and monitoring on my cube array is to upmix stereo to 5.1 using Waves then pass the Waves output to a Blue Ripple upmixer (giving me a third order Ambisonic output) and pass that to the Blue Ripple cube decoder and into the speaker array.

Given what you've stated about the Waves DTS upmixer, it may well be perfectly adequate for my purposes. It will have to wait for now though. With the Aussie dollar the way it is, that Waves suite is quite an outlay and I have other priorities such as studio PC upgrades that come first.
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