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Originally Posted by mpl View Post
See last updates (ReaPack: Browse packages >> rightclick on row >> check 'Last Updated' >> sort by last updated) for related scripts
Mpl, thank you much.

Script: mpl_List random impulse in directory for focused ReaVerb.lua
Script: mpl_List random sample in directory for focused RS5k.lua

Those two are amazing, exactly what I hoped for. May I just ask for alternative version in case of ReaVerb, if not too much? Is it possible for it to not only pick random impulse in current directory, but go one level further, to move one directory back, choose one random directory in parent directory, and then pick random file in that random directory? So, instead of picking random file in only current directory, to include all sibling folders within parent directory? I hope my explanation is not too complicated.


Script: mpl_Float RS5k related to input note on last touched track.lua

This one seems to have a slight bug, it doesn't float the last instance of RS5k. If there are 5 instances, it only loads first 4. If there are 10 instances, it only loads first 9.
Would it be possible so that instead of typing note number, you simply press midi key, and script reads midi number from live midi input?

Again, thank you for great scripts.
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