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Originally Posted by Disruptormon View Post
Some fun today with ReaControl24 and Raspberry Pi3.

ReaControl24 daemon run ok on Pi. ReaControl24 OSC client have issue when DAW machine MTU > Pi MTU. Some strange result with OSC from Reaper too.

Best run OSC client part on same machine as Reaper. This work well. Pi take CPU load off DAW for daemon.

Edit: DAW -> Pi -> Control24 add 1ms latency but save >10% CPU from DAW.

Thanks DM.
From that session on your pi I've picked up a few potential improvements:
  • PCAP filter would be better filtering src vendor bytes being control24
  • A linux rc.d setup would be good to assist the install, so pi power up would enough to get going
  • Noticed a few time it is easy to forget port number on command line arguments, so validation would be good there
  • OSC client is pretty tight but could probably use a performance improvement sweep through

Can we try out Windows in the near future?
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