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Originally Posted by minerman View Post
Sorry for the long post, & I hope this may be helpful to you guys...Maybe some of you will end up helping me get a better handle on setting up my hi-hat to get a better response...I actually like to try to keep the e-kit pretty simple believe it or not, then edit the midi afterward to make it sound a bit more realistic...
No apologies necessary minerman, that's some great info and explains a lot. So it really
boils down to what the e-kits will put out themselves.

In Kontakt we can create all the possible articulations and I can script them to work in any
configuration that you drummers prefer. But it still all depends on what the e-kit can do,
which is totally understandable.

I can imagine how hard it might be to apply the various positions on the pedal, and I don't
blame you for doing it the way you're doing it.

So you're stuck with 3 positions on the snare, but speaking for myself, I think you've got
the most important ones.

Heh heh, I think I'm going to bookmark this thread.
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