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Originally Posted by Jason Brian Merrill View Post
it never ever comes out right. That's my
Up to the point before trying an e-kit, that is also my experience. Whether the e-kit will make the difference is yet to be determined. Before the e-kit, I have tried keys, pads, programming, and combinations of keys/programming and pads/programming, as well as triggering the kick using a kick pedal and hi-hats using the expression pedal input on my keyboard. All of it has been pretty blah in comparison to playing a real kit. So far the e-kit has some quirks to adjust to, but it is a much better experience than the alternatives. I just don't know yet if it will be close enough to the experience of playing a real kit. It definitely has it's pros and cons, and the major pro for me is low volume. The biggest adjustment for me so far has been playing the hi-hat, where a real hi-hat just does what you expect. You just work at it and get better at having finer control over it. The e-hat so far has been less so. It often feels awkward, but I'm trying to adjust to it.
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