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BW..on my module you can set it to 0 - 90 or 0-127. I believe its to avoid the super tight you were mentioning. Superior just switches to the higher/tighter pitch articulation. In practice it sounds very close to the intent.
As far as setting up the curves etc, there are many variables. My approach has evolved to where I get the module to respond as natural as I can get it using internal sounds with only changing the modules various velocity/curve/sensetivity parameters.
Then leave it! Make any changes nessacary in the vst after that. This is because even in the same vst different kit pieces sometimes require different setups. So much more easier management wise than trying to do it from the brain.

Miner man...I hear ya..but I've always found the Roland brains will use just about all different pads out there...tho I haven't tried any of the newer Yamaha pads. I have a tp80 dual zone..kinda old:-)
But the reverse is not true..say Roland pads on a yammy. I would never do it if I couldn't use the stuff I already have.
I'm not a gear snob..whatever works..but I've felt the pain of trying to get a wide (natural) dynamic range out of the Yamaha stuff( and others) for years and when I read your post I felt that pain:-)

Hi hats are the hardest thing to get close in an ekit. Great samples,programing, and solid midi output can get you to ~ 75-95% close to real..IMHO... The rest would be post editing midi data.

BW...the procedure I use for dialing in the brains individuals sesetivity at first is to do by sight. Your module should have some type of meter that displays how hard you're hitting a pad. Turn off the volume and play a beat on the pads. Try to just use it as a practice kit. Then kepping that feel of how dynamic ..say..your snare hits are. Now hitting just the snare watch the meter and adjust settings until you see the widest/smoothest meter movements. Do all pads. Now play the different pads trying to stay at one "volume". The meter should show all the pads the same.
Now, turn up the volume on the vst and adjust the pieces curves/other values there. Or in any software you are using.

One more thing..just a general deal. Positional sensing. Some ppl say doesn't matter. Well, its a player controlled midi output expression. So, for ex, my 1990s rubber dual zone pd9 ride pad plugged into a module that does PS on the ride input,can put out a 0-127 cc value as I play the HEAD part of the pad. From inside edge to middle. I use that and send that info the Jeffos awesome hihat js. He originally intended it so some controlers that only put out 2 midi note could put out up to 5 when different value CCS are sent. I have it so at the very center it puts out my bell note. 3 way ride ( ride crash on rim sensor) ride on head edge and bell cente....for the price of an old pd9 pad.:-)
Does one need pos on snare? Well, if playing with the edge sounds of the head of a snare on an ac kit is a thing for your music...well. But I have mine turned off ATM. Just a personal thing. Some Roland modules and some Yamaha modules have pos. The older hi end rolands have snare and ride pos. The super expensive new Rowlands have it on all inputs. We all will have flying cars by the time I'll be able to afford it! But, one has to admit, they're on another level. Not so much Internal sound wise but taking the science of edrums to other levels. IMHO.

Geez I love this kinda talk!:-)

Edit...the TD 10 I used to have..shouldn't have sold it...had pos also on tom heads. The TD 20 exp I have now has on tom rims, and snare rim. But with my 120 snare pad rim position is not precise/consistant enough. Supposedly the 125 is better. I played a td50 kit at the store and it was real good in this regard. From dixieland short stick rim shots to solid 2 and 4s post mid stick rim shots. The td50 snare and ride connect with a digital cable. Doesn't really matter if the internal sounds are great or not. That kinda output coupled with when sample libraries have ALL the articulations of a ac kit = faith full recreation. And as soon as every part of the system uses more than 0-127... Maybe then we have true..electric drums.:-)

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