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Focusing on hi-hat stuff:

The TD-11 module is pretty limited on hi-hat settings. So making hi-hat settings in the samplers themselves, what Addictive 2 does for openness is to just grab the CC4 messages and provides for setting openness ranges by dragging some handles up and down. In Ezdrummer 2, the openness ranges are fixed, but it has the transmuting feature that Addictive 2 doesn't have. But the transmuting sounds weird because it noticeably switches between openness ranges rather than smoothly transitioning. But there is a noticeable switching between openness ranges in both samplers. I wonder if Superior provides for a smoother transition between openness ranges.

I originally thought that the FD-8 pedal is touchy in moving between openness ranges, but since a sampler is treating cc4 messages however it wants, transitiioning between openness ranges is really down to the sampler it seems.
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