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Originally Posted by ReaDave View Post
There's a NuGen 3D upmix plugin that I'm interested in demo'ing but I don't want to try it until I have the funds available in case I really like it!!!
I haven't been that impressed by their past offerings but some reviewers claim this is in a totally different class quality wise. Perhaps it is... Perhaps not.

I have to say though that overall, my need for such elaborate upmixing is becoming less and less. I'm pretty much working with my own original compositions these days so my projects are mostly mono, stereo and multi channel sources placed in the 3D field with the Ambisonic tools I already have.
GOOD news. I now have a number of decoders here

* 4.0 (padded to 5.1) & 1oA 3D cube. These are CORRECT.
* 15.1 Ambisonics decoder. This is SEMI-CORRECT. Use it with 15.1 to 3D Downmix (M) to downmix to 4+4/9.1
* 1oA 11.1bf decoder.txt. This actually fits your setup perfectly, but it's WRONG. To compensaye, raise back by a few dBs.

RE NuGen 3D upmix plugin, You don't upmix surround to ambisonics. You PAN surround to ambisonics. If you upmix, you're destroying directionality. If you want to destroying directionality, use ambifreeverb instead.

BTW, where can I hear your compositions in ambisonics?
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