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Originally Posted by junh1024 View Post

In my post, my points are numbered so you can reference then when you reply without quoting.

I am aware of ambix & I did convert as needed. While there is stuff at the front, there is also a secondary prominent synth which should be moved to front, or softened & placed at back.

7 I haven't listened to IEM ALLRAD, but it might be something as simple as reducing W by 10-30% to maxre levels (while still keeping things not out of-phase), or maybe some gentle EQing a la brauer effect.
Missed that with the numbering. Will respond in more detail later.

I'm listening to Run the Race now and it sounds well balanced and exactly as intended here through the Blue Ripple cube decoder on my cube array. The stereo mix derived from this also sounds balanced and as intended here.
What are you using for decoding and monitoring?

I have experimented with reducing the W channel when using the IEM decoders but nothing I do here matches the Blue Ripple decoder. The latest IEM decoders are far better than the previous ones though.
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