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Originally Posted by mespotine View Post
Hmm...for some reasons I can't find it. I know only an old version, so maybe it's not there anymore.

But you can try:

gfx.loadimg(100,"picturefilename.png") -- load imagefile into framebuffer 100
gfx.x=5 -- set x-position to 5
gfx.y=5 -- set y-position to 5
gfx.blit(100,1,0) -- blit at x and y position in original size and unrotated
which should blit the image in the framebuffer 100(as set by the loadimg-function).
You can use the longer version of gfx.blit, with which you can also set, which part of the framebuffer 100 you want to blit(src-named-parameters), as well as the exact position, at which to blit the framebuffer 100(dst-named parameters).

I don't know, where to include it, probably after GUI.Init() and before GUI.update()-functions
(I hope, these functions still exist in the current version...)
I had tried essentially just that, except that I tried it in buffers 0 and 1 instead of 100. I tried it in the Init(), in the Main(), and in the beginning, and in the end, and in the... hmm... I think that I even tried it with green eggs and ham.

I'm obviously missing something elemental.
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