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It's very hard to see from your code exactly what's happening as there are bits missing - and I know nothing about Lokasenna's gui lib.

So these suggestions are probably not going to help - but anyway -

Could it be something simple like not specifying the target buffer for the blit call?

Nowhere I can see a gfx.dest = -1 which would set the target to the main gui window buffer. If any other functions set the gfx.dest to anything else - and do not return it to -1 - then you would be blitting to whatever was last set for gfx.dest.

If Lokasenna's library utilizes any separate gfx backbuffer - then you may need to be blitting to this instead of the main -1 buffer.

Also - you're not expressely setting the alpha value - gfx.a = 1 will ensure what you're blitting is opaque (although there are rarely reasons to set it to 0 - which would be the only case to make the image completely invisible).
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