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Originally Posted by Tod View Post
Many of us get by fine with the CC#s but there are those who don't. I would think they could make the CC menu itself wide enough but still allow us to reduce the keyboard.
They could at least make those combo boxes have a wider drop down width so we can see all the text. You could set that from AHK or script with the CB_SETDROPPEDWIDTH flag, heres proof

Make Midi CC drop down widths 80 pixels wider...
hWnd = reaper.MIDIEditor_GetActive()
if hWnd then
  pview = reaper.JS_Window_FindChild(hWnd, "midipianoview", true)
  arr = reaper.new_array({}, 20)
  reaper.JS_Window_ArrayAllChild(pview, arr)
  kids = arr.table() 
  for i = 1, #kids do
    kids[i] = reaper.JS_Window_HandleFromAddress(kids[i])
    ret, left, top, right, bottom = reaper.JS_Window_GetRect(kids[i])
    reaper.JS_WindowMessage_Post(kids[i], "0x0160", (right-left) + 80, 0,0,0) -- CB_SETDROPPEDWIDTH = 0x0160
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