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Default Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 after Mojave Upgrade


I just upgraded to OS X Mojave and now I'm having a problem getting Reaper to communicate with my Focusrite 2i4 interface. I would not consider myself a newbie, as I've recorded with this interface thousands of times with no problems, but I feel like this is a total noob issue.

My interface's MIDI is working fine. I can use my midi keyboard to play my VST drums and other instruments, but it's the audio that's not working. When I plug my guitar in or my mic in, Reaper doesn't "see" the signal. The green light on the interface comes on, so I know the interface is detecting the guitar signal, but there's a problem somewhere between the interface and Reaper.

My guitar is plugged in to input 1, my track is armed on input 1, record monitoring is on, and in my preferences, "Scarlett 2i4 USB" is selected as my audio device. I'm using Waves GTR modeling. Also, my interface's blend knob is set to playback, which should still generate sound through my amp modeling. When I move this knob, the dry signal does come through on the left side only.

All of this was working fine before I upgraded to Mojave. Again, I've done this thousands of times before and it's worked, but now for some reason there is a disconnect somewhere between the interface and Reaper. Can someone recommend some troubleshooting?? Thanks so much!
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