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Still a huge issue

Here are plugins/behaviours I can pin this down to as examples:

1. Nested folders where high-PDC plugins (Oeksound Soothe, Waves GW MixCentric) are on the parent. This *royally sucks* because the whole point of processing large chunks of tracks like this is to save CPU and do "broad strokes" processing, yet it's creating this whole new issue of crackling/RT-CPU spikes. Example: Soothe on a VOX bus.

2. Sends going from one set of nested folders to another. I assume calculating PDC in this situation is probably super complicated, but it's almost unusable in the current state. Example: DRUMS folder with nesting, SYNTHS folder with MixCentric, sending DRUMS(Kick) to SYNTHS 3/4 for sidechain compression.

3. Plugins with Variable PDC, ie ReaPitch. Example: throwing ReaPitch on the SYNTHS bus and automating a pitch-shift creates insane behaviour depending on what's in SYNTHS.

Willing to put in tons of time testing if some of this can be addressed. It unfortunately kills broad-strokes workflow working the way it currently does
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