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Default v5.977rc2 - May 5 2019

v5.977rc2 - May 5 2019
  • + Elastique: fix large memory use
  • # Elastique: restore 3.3.0
v5.977rc1 - May 5 2019:
  • + Bounce: add action to bounce using most recent settings
  • + Bounce: add option to silently increment recorded filename
  • + Elastique: revert to v3.2.7
  • + Notation editor: when setting custom notehead for a given pitch, also reset previously customized noteheads at that pitch
  • + Project bay: fix column collision between FX parameter and Automation Item tabs [p=2130165]
  • + Track templates: preserve MIDI pools within templates on load, but do not pool loaded MIDI with existing MIDI [t=219675]
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