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I used Walter a lot to design a theme which is very much inspired by Reason5 interface. I loved this app for many years and wanted to work in something that looks like it.

Now I've been frustrated with one thing ; the numbers of available layouts.
Because of how I coded the theme, I can't use the color tracks functions of Reaper. It's ugly what it does to my theme because I designed it like a punk, it's not really how I should have done things, but now it works pretty good and I don't know how do do it another way anyway (code is not really something I like to do).

The layouts, I'd like to use it to create multiple colored iterations of one track layout, So I would need at least... 100 layouts! I think now the limit is 20 ? I don't remember, but I recall it was not enough so I simply didn't bothered and since then I work without colors on my tracks.

If the number of layout is an arbitrary limit, I request it is increased because... Why not ? For my use of layouts, it would be very good.

Also, very simple, but I'd like to be able to lock TCP track height and lenght once and for all in walter and don't have the resize mouse cursor appear anymore. Because sometimes you want things to be minimalist and so you like to hide and forget unused options.

Thanks for reading !

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