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So, a few random and very uninformed and subjective thoughts from me after messing with this theme for around an hour or so (I'll admit to being fairly intimidated by posting on this thread! Heh).

Overall I really like the look and direction of this theme. It's for the most part very pleasing and a nice aesthetic evolution of the v5 theme.

My main gripe, not understanding how all this works/comes together/what's possible/etc... Is the general sizing, particularly in the TCP. While I really like the look of the layouts and the scripts awesome customizability, even the smallest TCP size only gets me to around 47 tracks visible in the arrange at one time. It would be amazing if this was at least doubled with a TCP layout size option that is very vertically thin. (I'm using a 32 inch 2k monitor).

Very much liking what's happening in the mixer. Again, it would be great if there was a layout option much like the master track layout/sizing. Smaller fonts, etc... Particularly the FX Parameter text. Would be nice to have a smaller text size there.

Overall background coloring : Would be great to have some “borders” between identical grey portions of the background in order to differentiate things a bit.

Mute / Solo Buttons : would prefer the “M” and “S” to be something more neutral like grey rather than red and yellow. That’s super nitpicky and subjective, I know! Heh.

Or does this mean I need to move from a 2k monitor to a 4k monitor? I dunno.

Overall I really like what's happening with this theme. My sincere apologies if many of the points I posted above are non-relevant/not changeable/considered Reaper feature requests.
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