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Originally Posted by zeekat View Post
No need to rush it. Nothing is half completed without obligatory three week period of obsessive tracking, retracking, mixing, remixing and waking up one day and noticing you hate everything and starting over (mixdown25_bass-3.5db_doubled_guitars_less_hihats_alt_ver14.wav). There are people that can put together a coherent tune instantly, but that's not the most of us I guess.
But that's why I track really soon after I get the idea, trying to capture some enthusiasm, but bc it's not really played to a grid it can get messy with arrangements changing. iow I sometimes don't just record early, I'm banging out chords and writing the song on the fly, but that sometimes needs a bit of patience tidying up.

Thanks for commenting ZK, you guys spurred me into action on it, version 2 posted here soon.
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