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Originally Posted by g4greg View Post
If you're going for a condenser I'd, actually put the room treatment BEFORE the mic.

If you have a crappy room, I recommend either treating it first, or using a '57. That mic sounds.. ok.. Not spectacular, but OK.. But most importantly, if you sing relatively close to it, it won't pick up the crappy reflections.

a 57 in a crappy room will sound better than a newmann in a crappy room loaded with unwanted reflections.

Of course, I totally agree with the singer being the most important thing. gotta preach for your church

check out chineses sites for sound treating foam.. it's insanely cheap
I have a shure sm58, and do plan to treat my room very soon (Just not sure where the placement of the panels will go). I'm going to use rockwool and make panels
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