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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
How so? Because cardioid is cardioid for example and so on
yes, they are both cardioid, but no, they don't have the same pickup pattern.

I won't talk about the sm7, because i'm not super familiar with it, and how tight its pattern is, but the sm57 DEFINITELY has a tighter pattern than oh, say.. any condenser.

It's not hyper cardioid yet, but it's tight enough to be used live without howling feedbback. Try that with any large condenser.

So if it has a tighter pattern, it doesn't pickup the unwanted room reflections as much if you sing in the sweet spot.

sm57 or 58's are actually a great choices for budget home studios until they get their room treated. And every studio should have at least one of those, if not a bucketful

I have an at4040 as my vocal mic, but when I'm recording in less than ideal conditions , I always use my trusty e935 live mic. I could be in a friggin church and it wouldn't pick up the echo that much.

An sm58 isn't as good on vocals (IMHO, of course) as an e935, nor does it have as tight of a pattern, but it will cut out the room reflections significantly compared to a large condenser. Trust me on that.
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