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Originally Posted by vassaux View Post
I would say that the main difference in performance between a dynamic and a condenser mic is going to be the mass of the diaphragm, and the fact that a dynamic has to physically move the mass of the voice coil back and forth. You lose most everything above 15k, the sound waves lack the energy to move all of that mass, and quieter reflections would be the same.

Ribbon mics are less susceptible to this effect, the ribbon itself has very little mass, and it passes between magnets.
The thread the post below lives in is a good read which goes into more detail (albeit about feedback) but essentially, if the mics are the same pattern and set to the same level via preamp (which should be a given), then they are the same level, and room doesn't get louder because one is condenser.
If it requires a null test to find it, it is by definition minuscule.

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