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I'm still a few weeks from being able to dig into this but I've been keeping an eye on commits to the WDL-OL.

Do you have any good references and urls that you might post for people making the leap form JS/Reascript to C++?

The bits that seem intimidatingly complex for me are:

Planning class structures for large projects. I get the hows and whys of making classes that are specific to a problem, but I imagine most programs have a hierarchy of classes that are not related to the conceptual function, for gui, file handling etc.

GUI for touch interfaces, and Cocoa in general, is pretty unwieldy.

I am also looking for anything that will help in moving to C++ from simpler languages like JS and Python. I know C++ is very complex, but wouldn't most code that runs in JS run in C++ with a few syntactical changes for loop() and the rest?

I've read C++ books but I don't have much practical experience with it. I hoping to be able to get my basic prototyping ideas going by porting my primitive code from js and then building out from there.

For about ten years I've skirted around C because of all the warning about its complexity, but I'm starting to suspect that ideas are really not all that much more complex. How much harder is managing pointers that managing data structures with JS's single array? Aren't they similar once the approach is understood?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am soooo looking forward to getting cozy with WDL-OL and C++, moving past scripting languages.
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