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In following your windows youtube tutorial I am hitting some roadblocks in the build process. I followed all the instructions and I used the same paths. I am working a fairly fresh install of Win 7 x86 in case there are some other libraries that are needed.

When I try and build MyNewPlugin-app initially I was getting errors about Lice.lib (sorry I had the message but the browser crashed as I was writing the post). I tried building lice on its own and a few other things -- it seemed wonky. Then I hit clean on the MyNewPlugin and built again now I get 3 succeeded.

When I hit start debugging I get a message "These Projects are out of date -- Lice,

I hit yes to building them from that dialog and the interface eventually loads and I can rotate the knob.

When I hit File->Preferences in the app I get the error (abbreviated)
Debug Assertion Failed!

Expression:vector subscript out of range

Any idea whats up? Is this expected? I was very careful to follow the instructions closely and maybe its fine but I thought I should make sure before going any further. Any ideas?
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