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well hell... I'm again finding video in reaper 4.23x not working very well

I'm on a win XP 32 bit system
have the ffmpg codecs installed
have quicktime installed
have VLC installed

and... trying to play in reaper a HD Mp4

that one chockes and spits and is useless, but it plays fine in VLC

so did a convert with it in VLC to a more standard form of mp4...
Still sux in reaper, but still plays fine in VLC

so did another convert with VLC of the original file, the mpg
that loads into reaper but has no audio and no video... no wav forms show on the track and no sound and no picture play...

So really, the obvious question comes up: If VLC can do all this so nicely, why can't Reaper do the same????
...should be fixed for the next build...
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